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Uncover costs to build profitable customer value

McKinsey & Company's cost engineering experience is available via easy-to-use target cost calculation software

Whether they make aircraft seats, optical switches, pizzas, or diapers – companies in almost any industry can benefit from Design-to-Value (DtV) and should cost modeling. With the focus on the cost-benefit ratio, DtV strengthens customer value while helping cut time to market – in some cases, by up to 50 percent – and dramatically reducing product costs. McKinsey & Company's Cleansheet Solution™ makes it easier to establish cost transparency, analyze the cost drivers, calculate the target cost, and reap these benefits.

Video introduction to Cleansheet Solution™

What users say 

"This tool gave us detailed insights into our cost structure"
Hightech client

"We have captured 10 percent short-term savings and defined actions for another 5 percent savings"
Automotive client

"Finally we understood our supply chain cost and the impact of tier-2 sourcing optimization"
Medical client

"The scenario simulations helped us to quantify the benefits of global sourcing"
Retail client